Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov. 14-20 | Your News & Comments: Part 6

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  1. I like the layoff alert button, Jim. Clever. But it seems to be stuck in the 'on' position?

    and on. and on. :(

  2. I hate to be Gloomsbury. But there is growing evidence of layoff news the first week of December that goes well beyond the stealth layoffs the past months. Advertising isnt hitting it's numbers. Circulation slumping. Most new initiatives are lagging. Corporate overhead still costly.

    Gracia has the board of directors in her pocket, but shell have to present some sort of coherent plan to the boards year end meeting to justify her bonus for the year.

    Don't say you weren't warned. Gannett may be having a holiday party. But it will be confined to the upper echelon at the Crystal Palace.

  3. Hunke: Dead Man Walking!

  4. 6:21 Hah. (For everyone else, it's at the bottom of the green sidebar, and you'll have to have your volume on.)

  5. Jim, I hit that Layoff Alert button at 5:45 this morning. Woke up the whole house. A piercing siren at 5:45 on a Sunday is not a good way to wake up your spouse.

  6. Want to gauge how well all the changes are doing at Florida Today? Look no farther than the number of advertsements sold for the Sunday "Style" section. In all eight pages of boring journalism, supported by a grand total of seven ads. Oh, and five of those seven ads are either for Gannett's "Deal Chicken" or Floirda Today in-house promotions. Looks to me that if the new "Style" section was such a big favorite with the public like the executive proclaimed back in its first week of publication, then it certainly would be popular with advertisers too. Guess you-know-who was wrong again. I forsee another "About Me" situation here folks and that's not good, seeing as "Style" is considered as the cornerstone and savior for Florida Today's new focus and emphasis.

  7. Of course there will be layoffs. Management needs to fund their undeserved bonuses. The money has to come from somewhere.

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  9. 2:57 I remove comments that include the word "moron."

  10. 2:09 Five of seven were Gannett/house ads? Ouch.

  11. I will say this much, Florida Today has the worst management team in GANNETT.
    But no one in GANNETT seems to care!
    They keep letting the same wrong people run the ship!
    It's very difficult to come to work and work for my manager, he has no clue!

  12. Hold on to your seats wait till you hear what's going to be announced tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving from Gannett.

  13. 7:18 pm...ooooohhhhhh- how cryptic!

  14. We all know layoffs are coming.It is just a matter of how many and when.
    To believe otherwise would be very foolish.
    That is the Gannett way !
    We must cut spending to equal the lost revenue.
    The only thing left to cut is employees.
    Unless you want to stop the presses altogether and stop incrueing the cost of newsprint.
    Or stop mailing and stop the Post office expenses.
    Happy Thankgiving and maybe unemployment will be better than life as a Gannetteer.
    Can't be worse ,no doubt.


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