Friday, November 18, 2011

Norwich | Laid-off reporter rips Bulletin job cuts

James Craven worked for Connecticut's Norwich Bulletin, which Gannett sold to GateHouse Media in 2007. Now, he's written a blog post on the paper's website headlined, "Goodbye Norwich," where he tears into GateHouse management for deciding "to cannibalize the newspaper."

Take that! Craven wrote that the "most recently ordered layoffs will sap the Bulletin of nearly 20% of its newsroom staff. That will, of course, allow the president of Gatehouse Media to follow up on his $750,000 bonus to himself with an equally staggering and incongruous gratuity this year. Merry Christmas Mr. President."

And guess what? The newspaper pulled his post.

But media blogger Dan Kennedy has the full story today on what happened next.

A little history
In May 2007, Gannett sold four newspapers to GateHouse for $410 million: the Norwich Bulletin, the Rockford Register Star in Illinois, the Observer-Dispatch in Utica, N.Y., and The Herald-Dispatch in Huntington, West Va.

Earlier: Laid-off N.J. sports editor sneaks a column into print that bashes Gannett. And: In GateHouse vs. GCI, damning GCI with faint praise.

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  1. Big G, S--thouse, Journal-Register...all bottom feeders where execs soak up whatever money can be drained before the companies are finished by the hedge fund sharks. And McClatchy is sliding down as well.


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