Saturday, October 01, 2011

Sponsors | With a $5 donation, I'm off and running

I just got that gift from a long-time supporter who's always the first to contribute each quarter.

Meanwhile, here's the final tally from the third quarter, which ended yesterday: I took in $3,807, or 95% of my goal. (And that's well above the $2,215 from last year's third quarter.) The breakdown:
  • Reader donations: $1,223
  • Advertising: $2,584
I'm trying to earn $4,000 quarterly, through donations of $5 per reader, plus advertising sales. Please use the PayPal "Donate" tool in the green rail, upper right. Or mail cash and checks payable to: Jim Hopkins, 584 Castro St. #823, San Francisco, Calif., 94114-2594.


  1. Jim, if you keep charging only $5 for those hand jobs on the first day of a quarter, you'll never get anywhere. Raise your aspirations.

  2. Let the quarterly begging begin! Let's keep that $10 a day average going!!!! Tell us again hiw you survive in the mist expensive city in the USA on $16,000 a year? Oh that's right "investments" Please share your investment strategy. Now that's a story I'd like to read!!!

  3. 11:21 - Something tells me Jim will be laughing all the way to the bank when the corporate corruption hits the public fan.

  4. 12:17 the real story is how does a former low paid journalist live in the most expensive city in America on less than $16,000 a year. Stop deflecting.

  5. 12:17 This question comes up periodically. The answer appears in this post, under the heading, "How do you support yourself?"

  6. Jim oh please????? If you interviewed someone and they gave you that answer you'd investigate them within an inch of their life. You once said you made around a hundred k when you left. That is like 60 k n Delaware, barely paid the bills. So please don't insult our intelligence with that lame story.


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