Monday, October 10, 2011

Here's everything wrong with Corporate America

It's departing Chairman and CEO Craig Dubow's $37.1 million retirement and disability payout, according to Daily Kos, the widely read left-leaning political blog. As news of Dubow's eight-figure benefit spreads further across the Web, Kos diarist quaoar writes today: "It demonstrates why Americans are fed up enough to take to the streets -- not just on Wall Street, but across America."

Daily Kos has broad influence, in no small part because of its mammoth traffic: The site averages 538,402 visits a day. Read the more than 70 comments on quaoar's post.

Earlier: Why The Atlantic's Goldberg might occupy Wall Street.


  1. What the Occupy Wall Street people should really do is shame people like Dubow by picketing them in any setting where it's legal. They should figure out a way to advertise the shameful practices of these goons so that they are treated as pariah when they walk down the street. This sounds harsh, but it might be the only thing that could cause actual change.

    If Dubow's family was too ashamed to walk down the street with him, maybe he would take some of that $37 million and donate it to a worthy cause.

  2. Mad as Hell..10/11/2011 11:09 AM

    Dear 2:25 That is a noble idea, but you presume this man and his family have the proper upbringing and moral compass to be ashamed. Judging by Craig's past actions (pay me now, even if my performance stinks) I doubt he or they have a clue and would make such a noble gesture.
    But the idea of picketing and calling attention to the outrageous salaries and perks given away to under performing executives like Craig, at the expense of the companies middle class workers is what Occupy Wall Street should be highlighting to bring the "mainstream" middle class on board and to tell critics that "this is the message."
    It would also do well for workers such as ourselves to get the message out that the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are representing us, while we are at work and that we support them. The protest for those of us who can't, but in our hearts want to speak out about the corporate greed we see on a daily basis.

  3. Thanks to Dubow and his cronies, I'm one of the laid-off victims. Haven't found a job. No insurance. Unemployment check not enough. And, yep, I'm doing all the neworking, job searches, training, etc. I'm outraged that Dubow will receive even more money, etc. and "disability payout"? What is that? For all the money he's received and what's to come, he could buy himself hundreds of new backs! What about all the people he's canned that have health issues? Fortunately, I'm not one of them.

  4. 11:09 -- @2:25 here. I basically agree with you, but I think you could legally make his life uncomfortable even if he isn't ashamed. Follow him along public streets with signs indicating who he is. Post advertisements in the media of all the outlets where he lives, pointing out and condemning his actions. You would essentially need to launch a negative PR campaign, like they do against politicians. The trouble is this would be expensive and ultimately unrealistic. If it happened, however, I think you might see change in the country.

    If some of these ridiculously overpaid folks had to start ponying up much of their cash just to perform basic, everyday tasks, they might find that it would actually be cheaper to do the right thing.

  5. 1:23pm:
    Ditto for me, and thousands of others thrown under the bus.

  6. 1:23, I'm with you too. When I think about Dubow on disability, the only consolation I have is that money can't buy you health and that God works in mysterious ways. I hope that someone is watching while he's out on the golf course.


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