Thursday, October 06, 2011

DealChicken | E-mail hints N.J. deal consolidation

The following e-mail was sent today to former customers of NJ Daily Deal, a site operated by Gannett's six-paper N.J. Group since early 2010, according to one of my readers. As I post this, the NJ Daily Deal site remains online, with no indication that it may be merged into GCI's DealChicken.

Welcome to DealChicken! We’re pleased to have former NJ Daily Deal customers joining the DealChicken coop. The site will look a little different, but still bring you one amazing deal each day. Beginning October 13th, deals will be hatching daily in your area. DealChicken brings you up to 90% off local dining, shopping and more.

The transition is easy! When you log on to next Thursday, use your NJ Best Buys user name and password to sign in. DealChicken will ask you to reset your password and you’re done. It’s that easy to be part of the coop.

For additional information or questions, please contact your DealChicken area manager.


  1. I was at a business expo today in Cherry Hill where the Courier-Post had somewhat of a presence and they were pushing Deal Chicken all over the place. They told me it is replacing the Daily Deal and asked if I wanted to sign up. I replied in the negative, saying that I didn't want the bother of a daily email, and they all laughed, rolled their eyes and agreed. But the only presence of the Courier-Post that I saw was a mock up of the front page done at the design studio.
    They were pushing the custom publications being produced at the CP, and the few give-away items they had to hand out were geared away from the paper, and more toward a consolidation of the NJ papers (New Jersey Press Media Solutions). And Deal Chicken.
    When I asked if there was a Kindle subscription available, they just pointed me to the website. When I complained about the format (too many pop-ups, difficult layout, etc.), they had no reply. But they did have Deal Chicken T-shirts.
    The Philadelphia Inquirer, on the other hand, had a premium location, large booth, free samples of both the Inquirer and the Daily News, and quite a few people on hand to explain their new tablet/subscription deal.
    Enough said.

  2. To 3:24, but the Inquirer has continually failed to make a stand to dominate the Nj suburbs! Their south jersey edition is poor. Often more news from Pennsylvania. They could easily wipe out the courier post but for some reason they continue with a poor nj product. Makes no sense. The Inquirer's south jersey coverage is poor and their sales efforts are pitiful probably because they are headed up by a former courier post ad director who was and is ineffective and a lightweight who got there because of "personal" connections. South jersey is a lucrative market and opportunity they continue to waste.


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