Wednesday, September 07, 2011

WKYC | Station limits 9/11 Twin Towers video use

In a memo to employees yesterday, according to one of my readers, staffers at Cleveland's WKYC were told the following; the reference is to Rita Andolsen, the news director:

An important point of clarification when it come to our policy on 9/11 video usage. In most cases, we should not use ANY video of the twin towers during or after the attack. This includes planes hitting the towers, the towers burning and the collapse. There may be exceptions based on individual stories but they need Rita’s approval before they are used on the air or online.

Keep in mind Newschannel may be using limited video of the towers to enhance a story and they won’t give us a heads up. Please check any video from Newschannel carefully and have file video on standby to replace tower shots.

Earlier: Experts discuss 9/11 commemoration vs. exploitation.

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  1. What the hell is this. We need to remember 9/11. The memorial building now nearing completion looks to me to be so formidable that we are daring the bastards to try and knock it down with a C-5A or a giant Soviet bomber. Tenth anniversary should cause us to remember the 2nd highest day of carnage in the United States (behind Antietam)

  2. This is disgusting - who did the news directors (I'm sure there are more) get their marching orders from? I agree with 11:36, we need to remember and must never forget what happened on 9/11.

  3. Can't we remember what happened without showing the video over and over again? I doubt anyone's going to hear about the 9/11 attacks and wonder "hmm, which one was that?" There's something to be said for discretion here, and I'm glad WKYC is giving some thought to where to draw the line.


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