Thursday, September 08, 2011

USAT | Your Life elevated with homepage link

That's some valuable real estate. The addition of the prominent link to the Your Life vertical at the top of USA Today's homepage looks recent to me. This would be the latest effort to boost traffic on the site targeting women consumers interested in health, relationships and beauty.

USAT launched Your Life in November; it got a management shakeup in May. The paper is still promising three more verticals by the end of the year in a pricey bid to increase advertising revenue and readership.


  1. WOW. NO pretense about separation of editorial and advertising. The lead headline (top of page, left hand side) is "Weight Watchers Beats One on One Advice" while the ad anchoring the top right side of the page offer for a free seven-day trial for Weight Watchers Online. Anyone else out there want to check that page and see if the same thing comes up? My old-fashioned journalistic heart hopes it's random but by realistic, cynical mind thinks it's not.

  2. 10:53 here: Whew. Ads are in rotation, so the WW ad was random. But still...makes my skin crawl.

  3. I encountered a Weight Watchers ad, too. But I also saw other ads as well. These may be auto-published contextual ads. 

    Still, the headline should attribute the findings at least to a study. That's because the story says, way down toward the bottom:

    "The research was funded by a grant from Weight Watchers but designed and conducted without any input from the diet company."

    Although the results were published in a legitimate academic journal, Weight Watchers' funding nonetheless inevitably undercuts its credibility for some readers. 

  4. Life/Your Life/Get a Life...former AOLers Frank and Allegro are regurgitating the AOL lifestyle channel from, by my reckoning, 8 years ago. It's back to the future for Gannett. Hey, David Payne, there is a world full of people outside the Beltway that don't recycle old digital strategies! (Gosh darn, I am so sick of the thinking that anyone that worked for AOL must be a frickin genius.) Gannett will soon find out what a mistake it was to hire Payne....he will be led astray by ghosts of the past.


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