Thursday, September 01, 2011

USAT | Video: How has 9/11 changed America?

In a series of more than 50 videos, USA Today asks Americans -- from regular folks to celebrities -- about their memories of Sept. 11, and how the attack changed America.

Among those interviewed: then-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who says in his video: "Before Sept. 11, we were living in a bit of a dream world" about the threat of terrorism. "It made us much more realistic about what we're facing."

The series, which marks Sept. 11's 10th anniversary, includes a tool inviting readers to record their own video.

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  1. Of course USA Today would interview Rudolph "Like in Adolf" Giuliani. The liberal media treated him like a king while he sicced the NYPD on anything he did not like. Nobody remembers it now, but after 9/11 he wanted to suspend the city charter and proclaim himself mayor-for-life.

    The irony is that the World Trade Center went down on the morning of a citywide primary to replace Giuliani. He was going to be out due to term limits and the sooner New Yorkers were rid of this neofascist bully the better.

  2. Sharkboy says: hi yes america is now more independant about beliefs

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