Monday, September 12, 2011

DealChicken | How volatile is daily deals market?

Last month alone, 29 daily deals websites shut down -- but another 53 popped up, according to The Wall Street Journal's new "Heard on the Street," the paper's influential markets column.

And as Gannett pushes its version, DealChicken, into more than 50 markets this year, there are more signs of trouble for industry leader Groupon.

"According to estimates from research firm Yipit Data," the WSJ reported early this evening, "Groupon's revenue in North America was $121 million in August. That would be up from the monthly average of $107 million seen in the first six months of the year, but would be decidedly pedestrian next to the company's first-half growth of 96% compared with the previous six months."


  1. The daily deals I have seen from several different websites have been usually lame and nothing Gannett is very good. Deal Chicken is not gonna be successful. Back to the drawing board Craig.

  2. Heard corporate bought two separate batches of email addresses so my site could go ahead and launch. Even with that, we won't have the 15,000 originally required.

  3. Gannett lays (another) a rotten egg!

  4. Once again, Gannett management is to little, too late with yesterday's idea copied with a lame implementation.

    It is sad that we can not point to a single original idea from the home office.

  5. Jim,
    You can figure out how well deal chicken is by going to the site and looking at completed deals and estimating the revenue for Gannett (usually 10-20% of total deal value). You will see that only Phoenix is doing well with it. The rest of us are struggling to bring in a few hundred dollars a week with the Chicken.

    Good idea, but we can't do it as well as other nationally funded start ups. We are getting our asses kicked in and we haven't even fully launched.

    Just like pay walls, this was another ill planned corporate initiative that has gone no where. Too bad corporate is busy choking thief own chicken and are blind to the issues at each newspaper.

  6. The best part about this is all the hiring that took place. Both at the sites and at GMTI for supporting the websites.

    Another stinker laid by the highest levels of GCI. "The Titanic" edges ever closer to the iceberg that finally beings it down. The only question now is: What will be the coup de grace?

  7. I am so sick of everyone complaining. Deal sites take time to work. Do your research. Besides, if you guys would stop being so darn negative all the time and support the damn thing, it might bring in enough money to save a job or two.


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