Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Detroit | Jenereaux is CEO, succeeding Ellwood

Corporate just announced the following in a statement: Joyce Jenereaux has been named president of Detroit Media Partnership, the top executive position. Detroit Media Partnership manages all business functions for The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press. Jenereaux, 57, most recently served as executive vice president of Detroit Media Partnership and succeeds Susie Ellwood, who yesterday was named executive vice president and general manager at USA Today.


  1. God help us the accountants are taking over the company. You can kiss any chance of being innovative away.

  2. The accountants are NOT taking over the company. The consultants are. Either way, we're screwed!

  3. Joyce Jeneraux is more than an accountant. She's a longtime Detroit newspapers exec who really knows the papers and the area. Good for her.

  4. This company has no Balls.

  5. To 12:47, yes she has been at Detroit for a long time ... helping direct a long period of failure. She is an idea-less bean counter who knows nothing more than how to continually cut employees and costs.
    Like Suzie before her, she knows nothing about increasing sales or circulation.
    There has not been a year-over revenue increase in Detroit since 1999. The think the last time there was a year-over circulation increase at either paper was the mid 1980s before the Strike.

    And poor Mike Quinn, I am sure he thought he was in line for the job. But production folks rarely get any love -- even though he is better budget cutter and and employee reducer than Joyce.

  6. Here we go again, no-knowledge morons posting negativity here about someone for its own sake. Fact, Jenereaux IS a CPA. Fact, Jenereaux did come up through the Finance ranks. Fact, Jenereaux has ALWAYS been a champion of innovation. Fact, Jenereaux has been EVP in Detroit for some time and, as such, has been responsible for far more than accounting issues.

    One of the reasons this blog will never be well-respected by intelligent folks is the immediate idiotic postings of people who are nowhere near the facts and don't live the day-to-day whereof they rant.

    You folks wouldn't know a good move if you took Ex-Lax and this one is barely 4 hours old.

  7. 1:49 So list all of the innovative things she has done. What has she done in other areas of the company other then cut their budget?

  8. Yes 1:49 I would also like to see you list all the things that she has done for this company other than cutting jobs!

  9. 1:49,
    Once an accountant, always an accountant. It's in the DNA and regardless of rants from supporters like you can change that. Accountants instinctively look at the world differently than the rest of us. They believe where there's 5 people there could be 3....where there's a 100k expenditure there could be 50k. And on and on it goes.

    In a time when we need innovation, motivation, and inspiration, we get another person who has figured out how to count the beans better.

  10. OK Joyce, Suzie, Hunke, etc. supporters ... start listing the successes and innovations. We're waiting.
    But I do admire the fact that Joyce is a large supporter of a Detroit Food Bank.

  11. Well 5:30, I work in Detroit and can't think of any. Sorry.

  12. I say YES! YES!
    Joyce is wise, she really knows this media partnership, she cares about the community -- supports Forgotten Harvest. GOOD CHOICE!

  13. Morons will always be morons. Take your furloloughs and spit on decisions above your pay grade. Jeneroux is the obvious choice.

    The industry -changing delivery model isn't a success? Who's reading this blog? Who knows the financials of Detroit? That bold move shook Craig and Dean to the core AND it happened. Why hasn't it been replicated....just wait.

    Joyce has an exceptional team. That operates outside of the USCP. Ever think about that? Dickey who?

    People often forget about the crazy JOA but Detroit is a leader no matter what you hater have to say.

    see you on the flip side.

    Ciao hatred!

  14. Can't you post without name-calling?

  15. She should be a big supporter of the local food banks given she, is responsible for sending hundreds of ex employees there so they can feed their families.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. I worked in Detroit for a number of years and watched Suzie work(?). She is not effective, basically nothing special. Therefore, it doesn't surprise me that she has been "promoted" by GCI. That's the way it happens.

    Among all the posts shown above, not one mentions "content" as being important or that the individuals are known for on the way up the ladder.

    Such a shame that GCI pays so little attention to content.


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