Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cutlines Only | An intriguing photo, and a question

A photo of Scott Jones and Alex Thomas sharing a kiss during last week's rioting in Vancouver, British Columbia, went viral on the Internet.

MSNBC unravels the mystery of what happened that night. And Anonymous@7:39 a.m. wonders: "Why didn't USA Today have this 'Riot Romeo' story? It's all over the Web and on the front page of The New York Times."

Getty's Richard Lam took the photo. Here's this morning's NYT, with its story circled:

[Image: NYT, Newseum]


  1. That is just such a wonderful picture that it raises obvious questions. Then, to turn out it was someone from Australia who happpened to be in Vancouver when this hockey riot broke out caps it. And the explanation. An absolutely perfect story and the New York Times was on mark putting it on the front page.

  2. Every time you embed video, Jim, the page load speed goes down tremendously.

    On a high-news/interest today that makes a real impact on visits - I'm not going to check in as often because it's so annoying to have to wait. Please take this as constructive criticism, it's not meant any other way.

  3. 12:18 Thank you for pointing that out. I've now removed the video.


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