Friday, March 04, 2011

A Dubow quote we don't expect to hear soon

"I'm forgoing a bonus because I was not in a position to add value for our shareholders -- our share price ended 2010 at nearly the same level as it began the year."

-- Oswald Gruebel, CEO of Swiss investment bank UBS AG, in a new interview with The Wall Street Journal. Gannett will disclose full details of 2010 bonuses to CEO Craig Dubow and other top executives next month. GCI shares started last year at $14.85 and ended the year nearly unchanged: $15.09. (Daily closing prices in 2010.)

Earlier: In second wave of 2010 executive bonuses, GCI board hands out more than one million stock options.

Related: 2009 pay to Dubow and other top executives.


  1. Like the newspaper industry, banks returned from the dead in recent years.

  2. Of course, banks conducted a lot of fraudulent and illegal business practices while making their rebound ... and then made their stockholders pay what few penalties there were.

    Perhaps Gannett is positioning itself to go that route.

  3. What we will hear Dubow say: I continued to lay off employees and ruin lives all for the greater profitability of the company. Since I made that difficult choice, I think I deserve the lion's share of those profits.

  4. "We're Beatrice"

  5. All upper management at corporate should decline bonuses or accept them then hand the money over to the low-paid workers hit by furloughs and struggling to pay their bills.


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