Friday, February 18, 2011

USAT | A closer look at today's Page One AT&T ad

I'm accustomed to seeing a six-column advertisement stripped across the bottom of the page -- not the one that AT&T bought on the lower right-hand corner today. (Bigger view.)

Earlier: A close look at a Chrysler advertisement on Page One.

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[Image: Newseum]


  1. The exact same ad appears in the exact same position on 1A of today's WSJ. Is it OK if Rupert is doing it too?
    Actually, the WSJ often runs an ad like that. The thin USAT 1A strip ad is a relic of how USAT pioneered 1A display ads. The publisher tried to add $ but also appease editors by minimizing impact on the sacred 1A design. Looking around now, it's hard to believe how much crap USAT took at the time for selling out.

  2. I wonder how they chose the Lowe's-sponsored racing car for the main art.

  3. That looks like crap. If we have to have page 1 ads, keep them as strips.

  4. Just sell the f**kin' rag.
    It looks like total CRAP.

  5. Oooh if you all don't like this wait until you see an ad campaign that is coming up. Can't wait to see the LT reaction that day. Better free up some extra space that day Jimmy! Innovation is coming and you aren't going to like it.

  6. Can't believe My Boss hadn't shared. Is she asleep at the wheel?

  7. I have no problem with USAT selling 1A ads - whatever the format. As the previous poster indicated, WSJ sells the same space. I do have a problem with only two to three stories on the front page, though. It's still a NEWSpaper, not a forum for artistic layout types.


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