Thursday, February 24, 2011

Phrases only a highly-paid consultant could love

First in a series of posts highlighting passages from the annual 10-K report, which Gannett filed yesterday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

1. "While the focus is on customer centricity, Information Center initiatives also fulfill the company’s responsibilities under the First Amendment."

2. "At the same time, the company continues its focus on creating a customer-centric world class sales organization in its local community publishing markets."

3. "Employed a customer-centric approach to developing and selling integrated marketing campaigns through a newly created national, cross-divisional sales organization called CustomerOne Solutions."

4. "Recent trends include the shift towards audience-centric, exchange-based media buying, entry of dynamic ad generation specialists, the move towards automated creative design tools, and the shift of video content online with associated in-stream advertising opportunities."

5. "The company’s goal is to be the leading source of news and information in the markets it serves, and be customer centric by delivering quality products and results for readers, viewers, advertisers and other customers. Gannett believes that well-managed newspapers, television stations, electronic media including Internet and mobile products and services, magazine/specialty publications and programming efforts will maximize profits for the company’s shareholders as will our customer-centric solutions approach to advertising."


  1. What the f**k is customer-centric? That is not even a word in the freaking dictionary that I am aware of! What ball-less wonder came up with the freaking shit? They are not CUSTOMER-CENTRIC at all! They are only out for the money for Gracia, Dumbo and Dickless!

  2. "customer-centric" my ass. Unless you spend $10K a year sales reps are not suposed to bother with you. As clark howard calls it...customer NO service.

    Traditionally newspaper have been an important part of the community but the very people that have over the years allowed newspapers to see such profits are now not worth the reps time.

    I call bullshit....smaller community weeklies will continue to be ok when dailies plummet deeper into the grave they are digging. Community newspapers are keeping an eye on the ball...THE CUSTOMER.

    Self service is B.S. in regards to small business. Mr. Plumberman doesn't know how to effectively market his company. He fixes toilets. He relies on the experts that know marketing to help him succeed. Well Mr. Plumberman - you and Mr. Retailer are going to be stuck out there on your own.


  3. customer centric? no way. all the consolidation and GPC programs are designed for customers to submit art and ad copy themself. no need for anyone in a sales dept. you only need order takers. problem with your bill? problem with delivery? problem with your online ad? where are your calls going? you might want to check

  4. laughing while crying2/24/2011 10:41 PM

    Customer centric? Forgive me while I wet my self laughing. Ask the customer who asks me why the newspaper is so small while the price went up? Ask the customer who wants to know why their town is no longer covered? Ask the customer who wants to know why they can read about their town council meeting on AOL Patch before it ever appears in print in their Gannett daily paper? Ask the customer who complains about the crummy slow website that makes them play hide and go seek looking for what they want to read?
    The only thing that is customer centric are the concentric rings of customers running away from Gannetts products

  5. The annoying Netflix pop-up ad from 1995 on the home page -- very customer-centric.


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