Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Phoenix | Republic reporter Creno, 59, found dead

Longtime Arizona Republic reporter Glen Creno was found facedown Saturday night in a small pond by his ex-wife, Cathryn Creno, also a Republic reporter, in the backyard of the Phoenix home they shared.

Phoenix police said they did not know the cause of death, the newspaper reported over the weekend.

Creno covered a range of topics, including spot and business news. He started his career in Phoenix in 1981 as a reporter for The Phoenix Gazette. When the papers merged in 1995, he joined the Republic, covering retail and real estate.

When Cathryn Creno returned home Saturday from a day visiting a cousin in California, she found the house in disarray, but Phoenix police said there were no signs of forced entry and no evidence of a suspect. Creno had no obvious injuries that would cause his death, Sgt. Trent Crump told the newspaper.

When she arrived home, she was surprised to find the house dark. She found Glen's body in the backyard. He had a history of epileptic seizures, apparently caused by college-football injuries.

[Photo: Republic]

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