Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cincy | Attn.: laid-off employees. Ironic, indeed

"The irony of the recession is that while manufacturing employment is picking up, a lot of the old jobs aren't. Employers are demanding new skills from those they hire."

-- Ross Meyer, executive director of the non-profit Greater Cincinnati Workforce Network, in an interview with The Cincinnati Enquirer for a story today about a rise in manufacturing employment. The story is part of a jobs series running across Gannett newspaper and broadcast sites, and driven by Corporate to promote GCI's CareerBuilder subsidiary. Here's another irony: Two days after the Enquirer laid off 20 employees, the paper apparently still hasn't reported the downsizing to its own readers.


  1. Or maybe they are demanding some skills. That would eliminate a lot of the people who bitch and whine here.

  2. Actually 2:55, your comment suggests you’d have trouble.

    Declining revenues and profits. Stock price that went from what $90 in 2005 to just $2 not long ago. Thousands of jobs lost through unending cuts. Salary reductions all while rewarding those who’ve led this decline and how make weeks of furloughs? Three, four and counting. Yet, you expect people to remain silent and not let off steam. Really?

    Sorry 2:55, but employers also highly value intellectual abilities and the capacity to learn, skills that in just two brief sentences you demonstrated you don’t possess.

  3. Why isn't Cincy reporting its layoffs in the newspages? Does CareerBuilder expect to pick up some hits from former Gannett employees. Ha!

  4. Well gee, 2:55, how come don't we have the skills that employers want. Maybe because we worked for Gannett.

    Heck, the Gannett paper I used to work for before being laid off uses Quark XPress to paginate their pages. No employer nowadays seeks candidates with Quark experience. It's all InDesign, now.

  5. I wonder if all the Gannett papers use Quark. That's what The Journal News in Westchester uses. The paper was a pioneer in pagination. Innovation nowadays is unknown in the concrete tomb on Gannett Drive.

  6. The standard followup: People like 3:20 and 7:20 with limited skills make excuses.

  7. Excuses 12:22 AM, where? The truth of the matter is everything I shared is cold-hard facts, ones shared from the perspective of an experienced publisher.

    3:20 PM

  8. To the people that have been laid off and are now collecting unemployment. Please take advantage of all that Workforce Development has to offer by making an appointment with their Staff. When you file for Unemployment and go to the required meeting, they will give you a Workforce Dev. Brochure which has all the information included on the brochure for you to use to make your appointment. After your appointment with Workforce, and you are in their computer system, you can then take initiative and find out when the next pre-admissions testing for your community college will be. Go and pay the fee and sign up for it, and hopefully pass. Schedule courses that will update your skills and/or even - find yourself a new career. Let Workforce know your intentions and in so doing they will then pick up the tab for your schooling which will make it easier on your wallet/pocketbook! Lots of luck to you and please know that there are people just like yourselves that have taken this route to learn a new career, and are now employed and happy in their new job(s). Will be out there rooting for you!


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