Monday, February 28, 2011

Guardian: Newsquest boss 'rakes in the money'

Roy Greenslade of The Guardian in London takes Newsquest boss Paul Davidson to task on his blog today, citing the latest round of executive bonuses at a time of layoffs at Gannett's U.K. newspaper division.

Earlier: Board hands more than one million options to top executives


  1. Executive Discipliner3/01/2011 9:51 AM

    Too bad no one on this "side" of the pond is taking Craigy, Gracie, Dickey and the other two to task for their huge bonuses and lack of performance. They get a "fails to meet expectations" on the performance review I'd give them. Shape up, ship out and stop sticking your hand out (for more money) you five flops!

  2. Gannett executives only care about their bonuses, their stock options, and their perks. If it takes chopping a few thousand heads to get what they want, so be it!

    Some people might say they've done what they've done "to save the business." That may be true. But Dubow, Martore, and most important, the Board of Directors, got Gannett into the debt it had to crawl out of.

    And NONE of these people have lost a cent!


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