Thursday, February 03, 2011

Earnings | Comparing NYT Co. and GCI financials

The New York Times Co. reported fourth-quarter financial results today. Here's a comparison of select NYT Co. results vs. Gannett's, which were released on Monday. With the exception of the NYT Co.'s overall revenue, results were very similar in changes to digital revenue growth and publishing ad revenue losses.

NYT shares are now down about 1%. GCI is up 3.3%, to $16.78, after jumping nearly 7% yesterday.

  • Digital revenue increased 11%, to $113.2 million, from $102 million a year before. Digital accounted for 17.1% of fourth-quarter revenue. The NYT Co.'s digital businesses include,,, other company websites and related digital products.)
  • Publishing advertising fell 3%, to $352.7 million.
  • Overall revenue fell 2.9%, to $661.7 million.
  • Digital revenue rose 10.2%, to $271 million, from $246 million a year before. Digital accounted for 18.5% of fourth-quarter revenue. GCI's digital business includes CareerBuilder, PointRoll, plus revenue from its newspaper and broadcasting websites.
  • Publishing advertising revenue fell 5.9%, to $722.3 million.
  • Overall revenue rose 0.4%, to $1.46 billion.
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  1. This shows exactly why GCI is terrible and NYT is wonderful. Thanks.


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