Tuesday, January 04, 2011

CareerBuilder | A peek at the upcoming jobs series

[Screenshot shows employment series webpage]

Several posters have reported that Gannett's newspapers are expected to publish a new series about the job market through the spring. It's the latest production of ContentOne, the former Gannett News Service now run by ex-Corporate publicist Tara Connell.

A reader has provided a link to a webpage that appears destined for The Des Moines Register's site. "It's surprisingly simple; you take take the basic URL, then type in the newspaper name after the "=" sign to get each paper's version."

At a glance, the series looks an awful lot like a promotional vehicle for CareerBuilder, the GCI-owned jobs site based in Chicago. It's part of GCI's portfolio of digital companies. What I don't see is any disclosure that CareerBuilder has a business relationship with GCI newspapers.

My questions: What form will this take in print? What sort of content are local newspapers producing? What's the role of any TV stations?

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  1. "A peak at the upcoming job series" -- Jim drops the ball again.

  2. CareerBuilder has helped kill our classifieds. Local employers are forced to pay additional money to have their job listed on CareerBuilder for minimum wage jobs or part-time low wage jobs. Nearly the entire business community simply refuses to advertise their job openings. It is common for us to have less than 5 help wanted listings while the local radio station website lists dozens and dozens and their are HELP WANTED posted on a lot of business marquees or store windows. The lack of help wanted ads just decreases the size of our classifieds to a point where people say "why bother to advertise in the paper". Plus single copy sales suffer because people looking for work know there are no jobs in the paper.

    CareerBuilder is a joke!

  3. The website referenced in the original post is a typical "topics" page, which has some areas in common, and other areas that are specific rss feeds for the local site. Gannett cashing in on their investment.

  4. 1:00 PM, if your only criticism is an ad hominem attack over a typo, maybe you should hold off posting next time until you have a sharper jab?

  5. Nothing better than more corporate "direction" in the local newsrooms!

    Why don't we start sending copy to Dickey Boy's office? Give him something to read while he's planning the next furlough schedule.

  6. I think this "project" is a slap in the face when our corporate culture has been and still is to slash jobs and pay. How can we report on the job market when our halls are empty? This is a big load of crap.

  7. CareerBuilder is also a lousy jobs site. It's one among a legion of better national and regional ones out there.


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