Tuesday, January 18, 2011

KARE | Video part of Gannett-wide jobs series

The 11-week job-hiring project Corporate launched Jan. 9 to promote CareerBuilder includes video supplied by some of the company's television stations. The following KARE-TV KTHV segment from the Minneapolis NBC affiliate appears in the video player on the right side of the ContentOne-managed topics pages on websites of TV stations (here's KTHV's) and community newspapers. The featured guest here is a Robert Half International employee who's interviewed for more than four minutes about cover letters, resumes and interviewing.


  1. In support of journalism fundamentals, can you explain why your copy introducing this video says it is from KTHV in Little Rock when the video itself very clearly indicates it is from KARE-TV in Minneapolis? Just sloppiness?

  2. Sloppiness is putting it mildly. I've fixed my screw-up.


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