Monday, January 31, 2011

Earnings | Here's transcript of today's analyst call

SeekingAlpha has now published a blow-by-blow of this morning's conference call with Wall Street media analysts on the fourth-quarter and full-year 2010 financial results. Management's presentation is here. The especially illuminating Q&A session is here. The call's participants are here. Finally, listen to a replay of the call here.

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  1. Jim, what's illuminating about the Q&A session?

  2. A variety of issues, including:

    * the exchange about newsprint prices
    * publishing ad revenue decline, and whether that was a function of volume or pricing
    * questions about USA Today's new model, and whether that will be replicated elsewhere

  3. Good one, Gracia -- blame it on the weather.

  4. 11:00

    Spot on. Its never about the product, is it? One thing you can glean by listening to Gracia and Craig on the earnings conference call, is that its always something beyond their control. And its always about things getting better. Read between the lines, especially for the folks at USA Today. Things are bad. Very bad. And unless advertising picks up, there will definitely be another round of layoffs at the paper. The costs remain high. Too many top managers in place with too little to do. And Gracia made it clear cost containment remains paramount.


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