Monday, January 24, 2011

Des Moines | As retail consolidates, Penney shrinks

The home of The Des Moines Register is on JCPenney's just-announced hit list today. "Company officials,'' the paper says, "could not immediately be reached for comment to confirm the address of the Des Moines closure. The chain operates stores at Southridge Mall in Des Moines and Valley West Mall in West Des Moines, as well as a JCPenney Home Store in Clive."


  1. I never understood the logic behind the department store chains huge newspaper advertising spending. Talk about a waste of money. Money could be better spent elsewhere.

  2. A few weeks ago, I noted the impact of the bankruptcy of the Boscov's store chain on New Jersey newspapers. Now J.C. Penney is reeling, and I suspect Sears is not far behind. The days of the department stores are over, and I find there is a better selection and variety online than any stores around me. I also read here some who contend print isn't dead yet, and there is a future for newspapers. Well, will these print newspapers of the future be just stories and no ads? At the current pace that we losing ads, it is clear we have to find some other way to pay for print if the dead tree product is to survive.


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