Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Amid Demand Media's IPO, a too-hot travel tip?

USA Today's travel tips supplier, the content farm Demand Media, is skipping down Wall Street this afternoon, as its initial public offering soars on its first day's trading: Shares recently changed hands for $23, up 36%. This has given the jaded and jealous journalism community a chance to revisit all those lists of dumbest how-to content from the company, based in Santa Monica, Calif.

But, what's this?! I just checked, and USAT's database of Demand Media tips no longer includes my favorite example: How to get high in Holland. Here's the screenshot I captured last July when I ran across the item the first time:

But never fear! There's still USAT's advice available on buying magic mushrooms, which I found included way, w-a-a-y down in this Amsterdam Travel Guide overview.

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  1. Now wait a minute!

    How to Get High in Holland is actually, what was the old John Quinn expression... news you can use!


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