Friday, October 22, 2010

Mail | Medical premiums said 5% higher in 2011

Anonymous@12:16 a.m. says in a new comment:

Are you all receiving your lovely benefits re-enrollment packages today? No big surprise, but it says most of us will see an average of 5% increase in premiums for 2011.

Great. Those of us still employed with Gannett are getting poorer every year -- wage freezes, furloughs, health care up 5% in one year? I can't remember the last time I got a 5% raise.


  1. Note: You don't need a 5% raise to cover a 5% increase in your medical coverage -- unless your annual medical coverage cost is equal to your annual pay.

    For example: Say your medical coverage costs $1,000 annually, and your annual pay is $50,000.

    A 5% increase in medical coverage would cost an additional $50 a year.

    To pay for that, you would only need an approximately 0.1% increase in your annual pay. (A 5% raise would equal $2,500.)

  2. While mathematically correct, Jim, what happens when the rent, cable bill, cellphone bill, food, gas, car insurance, and car repairs ALSO go up by an average of (and I'm probably underestimating here) 5%?

    My Gannett "manager", who produces little, would say, "Not my problem."

    Then again, his job is targeted for elimination.

  3. To the people who are complaining about their insurance or any other cost increase, be grateful that you have a job with benefits - and remember those who are unemployed trying to stay afloat.

  4. Math point well taken, Jim. I however, have had my wages frozen for the past two years, and been furloughed for three weeks in the same time.

    Along with the insurance premiums increasing, our co-pays also rose this year. While my friend with a better plan can see a specialist for a $15 copay, ours in Gannett (BCBS) is $50. Needless to say, I don't make many visits to the chiropractor, although I certainly would if my copay wasn't so high.

  5. So what else is new? Annual increases in the medical plan are as expected as salary freezes and furloughs.

    Suck it up everyone. You gotta do this so Dubow, Martore, Dicky and the rest get their bonuses and stash away enough for their retirements.

    This is the Gannett life, even when the good times roll.

  6. You could drop medical coverage and not take the increase. Then you could get it elsewhere.

  7. I find the new "jumping through hoops" requirements more interesting than the premium increase. I wonder if the health assessment and case management will apply to my dependents or just me. I have a chronic (but well-managed) illness and I'm concerned about what the case management program will involve.

  8. Right now, the HRA/annual exam will apply only to you. Likewise I have chronic conditions and I've got everything managed well between my docs. Last thing I want is someone sticking their nose in something I know more about historywise than they ever will.

  9. Keep in mind that Gannett executives get their own enhanced retirement packages ON TOP of health and medical coverage that's much better than the workers sweating in the trenches for them.


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