Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Report: Freep overtakes NYT as No. 2 in 'e-readers'

That's according to the Business Insider, which says:

The Detroit Free Press edged out The New York Times in the No. 2 spot, with 105,210 electronic edition readers. Last year, the Freep ranked No. 17 with 15,776.

By comparison, the NYT now ranks No. 3 on the report's list of the top 25 e-reader circulations, with 90,934 downloaded as of April vs. 43,844 a year ago.

In December 2008, notes the Business Insider, Detroit announced it would be scaling back its home-delivered print edition to three days a week, which probably accounts for the massive jump in e-subscriptions.


  1. Have another SCOTCH Hunke!

  2. This is very exciting news.

  3. What does it mean an e-edition? A complete download the same newspaper or paid subscription of the web site? I think WSJ is the number of subscribers of the web site while NYT is the complete download of the newspaper.

  4. It makes sense that a big-city paper that discontinued home delivery on many days of the week would prosper in the digital realm. The worry, I would think, would be if this didn't happen. That would mean nobody even cared about the content.

    I can see the NYT lagging behind in digital subscriptions because it's still pretty easy to pick the paper up in print. And, as with the Freep, you can simply go to the Web site as well.


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