Thursday, June 17, 2010

USAT | Founder Al Neuharth would so approve!

[Reality TV star Heidi Montag at Aria CityCenter's pool party]

USA Today doesn't publish Metromix, the entertainment franchise owned by Gannett and Tribune Co., and known for photos of barely dressed clubgoers. But it's not far behind, in an article that's been one of USAT's most popular stories for days and days now (I've lost track): "Adult and topless pools make a splash in Vegas."

Reporting from Vegas, Kitty Bean Yancey writes: "Using the same strategies that have made its nightclubs tabloid-headline hotspots, resorts and club owners are focusing on what they call 'daylife.' It's not about swimming. Adult pools and pool parties are making a splash with reserved cabanas renting for hundreds or thousands daily, pricey bottle service and scantily clad servers awaiting beyond the velvet (or hemp) ropes at the entrance."

Naturally, all the action's in the photo slideshow. (Exhibit A, above.)

Diving into the shallow end, I'm reminded of that famous directive that USA Today founder Al Neuharth handed to editors near the paper's 1982 launch: "When you run a picture of a nice clean-cut all-American girl like this, get her tits above the fold."


  1. That's why he was a visionary.

  2. Nah, must another dirty old man.

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