Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Broadcasting in new deal to revamp 10 websites

Corporate has just announced a deal with DataSphere Technologies to launch "community-focused" websites that will be integrated within existing sites now run by Gannett TV stations in 10 U.S. markets, including Atlanta and Washington, D.C.

The new sites will feature "hyperlocal news content and include user-generated content about area happenings and events,'' according to Corporate's statement. "Local businesses will benefit from the opportunity to target their potential customers. In addition to powering the community websites, DataSphere will provide existing Gannett broadcasting websites with enhanced functionality, including market-leading site search, coupons, business directory and ad targeting."

Corporate's statement doe not detail the type of editorial and non-editorial content to be added, however, and it doesn't give a timetable for the changes. The statement also raises other questions: Will the new template for the U.S. newspaper sites -- code-named Project Odyssey, and expected to be launched soon -- also be applied to the broadcasting division's sites? If so, how does the DataSphere deal impact that new template?

In addition to Atlanta and D.C., the other markets are Tampa, Fla.,; Sacramento, Calif.; Grand Rapids, Mich.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Little Rock, Ark.; Portland, Maine, and Macon, Ga.


  1. Gimme a break. What local news appears on the Washington, D.C. site? The reporting staff has been eliminated, and the station now broadcasts infomercials instead of news. So who is going produce this "community-focused" news?

  2. Like here in Jax, everyone is now expected to contribute to content. It does not matter if how knowledgeable the employee is or if the employee is an actual"journalist". This new website information idea was posted on USA Today's website and the folks in Jax learned of the new venture for the first time that way.PATHETIC!!!

  3. 10 of 23, what's that about? Too big for an experiment, doesn't seem grouped geographically or by affiliation. Kinda weird to be that big an effort yet not do all 23.

  4. "market-leading site search" That must mean Planet Discover is being eliminated. No one could confuse the current site searches with being "market-leading".

  5. Does Planet Discover exist anymore? Who would have thought only a few years after that outrageous investment that they would be dismantling them. Planet Discover was never a search company, they just played one for the money.

  6. "market-leading site search" That must mean Planet Discover is being eliminated. No one could confuse the current site searches with being "market-leading".


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