Thursday, February 25, 2010

Then and now: GCI's evolving description of itself

Publicly traded companies file annual reports with federal regulators that include an essential piece of information: a short description of their principal business. Following is a glimpse of how Gannett's has changed; for the first time, "news" is now officially de-emphasized:

"The company is a leading international news and information company."

"Gannett is an international media and marketing solutions company."

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  1. At least they are telling the truth. The speed and easy access to the internets destroyed the print news like downloading music booted out my beloved Tower Records and physical CD sales. For the Bush years and beyond, I always got unbias "news" from The Guardian and BBC in London, as well as other foreign and domestic sources. That damn NFL Network on cable now is in the upper tier of cable, charging premium prices, and it's nothing but repetitious NFL commercials and NFL Branding with wistful programming in small chunks.

  2. My Unit has been part of Gannett since 1986. Gannett has always been a marketing company masquerading as a news operation. At least they have finally fessed up to it.

  3. Finally.
    I now have a new level of respect for the higher ups for finally admitting what I suspected was the case. I just hope the new hires who want careers in journalism realize they're about to work for a media and marketing giant.

    Personally, I would have turned Gannett down for a reporter position if this had been the case a few years ago.

  4. I like how they took the word "leading" out of the recent description. How telling. ...


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