Monday, January 04, 2010

Indy | Let's file this report under 'Poopgate II'

In a post that a reader pointed me to this morning, Indiana blogger Ruth Holladay says The Indianapolis Star newsroom got a package addressed to top editor Dennis Ryerson on Dec. 23. "When it was opened -- it is uncertain by whom, but someone in the newsroom tore off the wrappings, etc., possibly even himself -- it turned out to be a package full of shit,'' Holladay says. "Quite literally."

Earlier: last year's infamous "Poopgate" incident at the Courier-Post in Cherry Hill, N.J.

[Image: this morning's Star front page, Newseum]


  1. If it is company policy to treat former and current employees like shit, sooner or later someone will return the favor.

  2. I think this guy's writing is pretty good---for a Gannett-level employee, that is.


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