Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Commentz Korner | What I told Mutter on his post

Yesterday, leading newspaper industry blogger Alan Mutter asked, "Can grassroots journalism do the job?" In a comment, I replied:

Thank you! Meaning well, other journalists have not always been as skeptical of my efforts. In the end, that made for occasionally too-soft stories about me and Gannett Blog.

You were there in the beginning, Alan, so it's fitting that you'd be there as I exit, stage right.

(Now, do I get bonus points for posting this from my iPhone?)

But the other comments on his post are much more interesting!

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  1. Considering the very harsh things that were said about Jim after the shareholder meeting, and knowing that posting Mutter's piece would dredge it all up again, I think he proved his journalism cred to link to it anyway.

    Now Jim, may I be the first to implore you that if the layoffs are pushed back until the 15th that you give this blog a reprieve so we don't have to go through it in the dark? The other blogs are just not up to the task.


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