Monday, April 20, 2009

Hubs | Could Shreveport be the Louisiana hub?

A tipster says a regional page production desk for the five Louisiana newspapers is moving forward, and could be based at The Times of Shreveport. I've asked Publisher Pete Zanmiller for comment.


  1. You suck, Jim.

  2. Your buddy is at work again, Jim.
    We've been speculating about the Louisiana hub for a couple of weeks. Heard it was supposed to roll out in May.
    Shreveport is still without an executive editor. The last word from the previous EE was that Shreveport met budget goals in Q1 '09 by cutting expenses, although revenue was down.

  3. The way the papers in Louisiana are going, particularly the one in Lafayette, there will be little to consolidate into a hub.

  4. Hub announced to be in Monroe, north part of the state.

  5. Africa Gordon-Price, the Tallahassee ME, is the new EE for Shreveport. We'll see how she does. A better choice than the current managing editor. She's more even keeled and less biased in her journalism - if journalism is even an issue there these days. Word on the hub was that all paginators at Gannett papers in Louisiana could have a job there if they wanted one. No moving allowances, though. But where is the cost savings? What's the point unless to simply drive these papers in the ground while looking like you were trying to salvage them. Looks like a build-up to a tax write-off. Who cares about the lives affected? They're only corporate numbers, not actual people, right? Alan English showed some smarts going to an independent.


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