Thursday, September 04, 2008

Reader: Told to 'snuff out' blog fires -- then laid off

Regarding a videotaped USA Today staff meeting where Publisher Craig Moon reportedly criticized Gannett Blog, a reader says: "Funny, I didn't know about this blog until our Ad Director called all Managers to her office to discuss the letter from the publisher announcing layoffs coming over the next couple of weeks. We were directed to snuff out any fires that arise from this blog. Then a week later, it was me who was laid off -- not any of my employees! LOL. Mark one up for the Ad Director -- she blindsided me. But, thanks to her, I know abut this blog, and will tell everyone I know about it."

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  1. It's odd that publishers try to dissuade people from reading Gannett Blog -- only to promote its existence to that many more new readers. USA Today Publisher Craig Moon did just that, during his famous recent meeting with staff. Read more about that on this post:

  2. A former colleague of mine who left the industry tells everyone he talks to about Gannett Blog. I hope all of the recently departed will do the same.

  3. What I don't understand is why anyone in corporate even cares. Newsrooms always have an undercurrent of gossip and griping. I know Gannett encourages a speak no evil policy, especially for people trying to further their careers, but what possible harm comes from information center employees checking what's hot and what's not on As for the blog breaking GCI news and causing discomfort in the glass towers, they hired journalists, for goodness sakes. It is in their nature to find things out and tell people about it.

  4. Greenville deleted blog posts from an anonymous poster about their layoffs. After the third blog entry got deleted, they finally left it alone because readers started paying attention. Gannett Blog was listed in the entry, undoubtedly helped with its deletion.

  5. At our shop, even top newsroom management reads G'blog. As of yet, they've said nothing to badmouth it.


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