Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pop quiz: Identify Gannett's real chief executive

Is it Craig Dubow (far left), who's held the CEO's title since July 15, 2005? Or is it Chief Financial Officer Gracia Martore, who's held the top finance job since Jan. 1, 2003? (I'm wondering who really calls the shots, based on back-channel communications I'm having with company insiders.)

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  1. Somewhat related question: Can anyone identify "Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Wall" for me?

  2. What makes you think, that Gracis Martore,is calling the shots> Give me case.

  3. Let me just say, having been on the inside recently at the corporate offices in Tysons (and more than once), that even a couple of the senior executives are saying "Gracia is running the company."

    It's not conjecture. Whether it's reality or not remains to be proved. But, it's certainly the perception - and very high up. And you know what they say, "perception is reality."

  4. rmichem wrote: "What makes you think, that Gracis Martore,is calling the shots> Give me case."

    I believe Martore sets the minimum ROIs (return on investment) for Gannett's business units. That confers huge power on her.

  5. Martore does have huge power especially in playing the numbers game. Once the units give their reports she will take a couple of days to go over and review the numbers. Some call it "tweeking" with the numbers. No matter what, you call it, SHE RUNS THE SHIP!! The power behind the man.

  6. Great question Jim.

    She is in total control and she should take just as much blame for the disaster of a stock price and there is no question in my mind she is in charge. Time for the board to fire her.

    I am sure if you had the executives on this blog they would no doubt say that she is in control.

  7. This was an outside auditor's comment in 2006 ...

    Gracia C. Martore, CFO of Gannett Co. Inc., a large media company that publishes USA Today, has been an important influence behind Gannett’s ability to keep pace in a challenging industry. “I have not run across another CFO where the CFO plays a more important role,” says Robert A. Bedingfield, a senior partner with Ernst & Young, Gannett’s auditor.


  8. If losing half the stock's value in one calendar year is keeping pace, then I'm wondering how credible is this senior partner with Ernst & Young?

    Auditor's aren't supposed to drink the Kool-Aid. WorldCom's auditor did - and look what happened.

    Auditors are supposed to be the biggest skeptic of the company and its books, not provide endorsements of individuals. Especially those who control the money.


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