Thursday, December 13, 2012

USAT | Is Atlanta's key hub airport closed today?

USA Today is using more video from Gannett's 23 TV stations to stand out in a crowded news market. But as this occasional Gannett Blog series shows, some of the videos aren't quite ready for primetime.

USAT's bread-and-butter has long been news for business travelers. So, with a fire raging near Atlanta's Hartsfield international today, readers would understandably ask the question I posed in the headline above.

The answer? In the latest odd (and silent!) video published on the paper's homepage, we have no idea. (Stranger still, the video is from WSB-TV, a competitor of Gannett's Atlanta stations WATL and WXIA, home base for GCI's new national video production hub.)

Earlier: from coast-to-coast, the latest cat news.

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  1. I can hardly read any post with "USA Today" in the title. The brand has become a total joke.


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