Thursday, December 13, 2012

GCI hosting virtual job fair for digital salespeople

Today's Gannett Nationwide Digital Sales Virtual Career Fair takes place online 1-4 p.m. ET, according to the Detroit Free Press, which devoted a 10-paragraph story to the event. (Sign up here.)


  1. Why does seeing "Gannett" and "Job Fair" in the same line look so odd? Oh, yeah, because Gannett prides itself on eliminating jobs, calling them layoffs, and then hiring no one back when the economy improved.

    A company that depends on marketing more than morales won't last forever.

  2. Only the desperate will be participating in this. If you've been out of work for a while, Gannett is a good place for you. A solid pay check to keep the lights on until you find a position that you actually want.

    People should know already that if a company is having a FREE online career fair, they are having a difficult time finding people and retaining people for their positions.

    I can't understand why a company would want to hire new sales people when the processes, structure, organization, thinking, planning and senior and junior leadership they have in place to run sales is from the 1980s. To paraphrase our POTUS, The 80s called and asked for its sales strategy back because Gannett isn't doing anything useful with it anyway.

  3. These posts demonstrate what's wrong with you people. Virtual job fairs are where you find digitally savvy people yet you guys pooh pooh it. Please leave my company. I'm begging you. You want things to go back to the hot type days. You are so clueless. The future is digital

  4. "Layoffs"= "Clean house"


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