Saturday, September 15, 2012

USAT | What Wolff said about his new employer

[Usual suspects: Wolff and Brown]

"While The New York Times in its paper form continues to seem unique and important, online, without the paper’s traditional look and feel, denuded of much of its authority, many of its articles don’t seem much different from those in USA Today."

-- Michael Wolff, taking a backhanded dig at USAT in an October 2007 Vanity Fair article. Starting Monday, he'll also write a weekly media column for USAT. His first subject: Tina Brown, editor of The Daily Beast and Newsweek. "Do you think she's nervous?" he asks in a tweet. (Arrrrgh: As a news subject, Brown is so inside-the-publishing-beltway that talk show host Charlie Rose sometimes refers to her on first reference simply as "Tina.")

Going 'pugilistic'?
Daily Beast/Newsweek media critic Howard Kurtz tweets: "USA Today, always allergic to opinions, hires as media writer Michael Wolff, who spews opinions for a living. Will paper go pugilistic?"


  1. USA Today is not allergic to opinions. It welcomes them so long as they don't offend the right wing.

  2. Great. Kramer is hiring more gasbags like him. Opinions are cheap. Covering news is not.


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