Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cincy | Report: Age-bias suit could 'snowball'

From a story today in CityBeat, the alternative weekly in Cincinnati: 

As The Cincinnati Enquirer staff braces for another reduction in staff, the paper and its parent company might not yet have seen the full fallout of its decision to cut staff last year. Two of the newspaper’s former editors, Joe Fenton and Cathy Ruetter, have filed an age discrimination lawsuit against the newspaper and Gannett that soon could snowball into a much larger legal action.

Earlier: Federal judge orders April trial for age-discrimination suit against The Indianapolis Star.


  1. About damned time. (Grammarians, please note the correct use of "damned" and not "damn.") Gannett's tact is by definition age-related; it has implemented each wave specifying years of service (ergo, age) rather than bothering to refer to the vaunted and quite mandatory employee reviews in a single, a single case.

  2. The place has never been the same since Fenton was canned. He's sorely missed.

  3. Any thoughts about a similar "snowball" ADA violation lawsuit? Gannett has two cases that EEOC has filed in the past year (one in AZ, the other, I believe,in Florida)for ADA issues. From what I've seen, requests for ADA accomodations are not often determined to be "reasonable" at Gannett sites and sometimes folks with with serious medical problems are assigned duties that seem to make things worse rather than providing accomodations.

  4. You go Joe and Cathy!!! Go the distance!

  5. 5:03: The grammar police are sorry to report you are under investigation for your questionable use of the word "tact." Tack might have worked. Or tactic. Perhaps we lack tact in bring this up at all.


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