Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WUSA | Baltimore Ravens executive named GM

In a news release today, the Broadcasting division said Mark Burdett has been named president and general manager at WUSA, the CBS affiliate in Washington.

Burdett was vice president of corporate sales and development for the Baltimore Ravens, and earlier senior director of partnerships and development for the NFL team.

He succeeds Allan Horlick, who announced his retirement in November and "leaves the station after a distinguished and award-winning career in DC broadcasting."

[Photo: Ravens]


  1. But they didn't win in the playoffs. How can this me good?

  2. Burdett has been at the station for a while now and most staffers are tired of his football analogies for every situation.
    While Horlick was a pretty smart TV exec, Burdett simply isn't.
    The man has been termed a bully with a frat boy mentality. Most cringe when they see him coming.
    He has berated production assistants in mass e mails. Suggested that employees who are injured on the job "play hurt."
    The TV station seems to be run by the marketing manager who is widely despised for her non collaborative management style.
    The latest set of "promos" are cartoonish and embarrassing to the station. They say anything but credibility.
    The news director, like many Gannett hires, is in way over his head.


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