Monday, April 11, 2011

Parsippany | Another GM replaces a publisher

Daily Record Executive Editor James Flachsenhaar has been promoted to editor-general manager, replacing Joseph Cavone, who left "to pursue other interests" (i.e., another job), according to this story in the newspaper.

The Parsippany, N.J., paper is the latest within Gannett to downgrade its publisher job to that of GM, a position that presumably carries substantially the same work load, but with lower pay than that of a pub.

Last Tuesday, another one of GCI's six N.J. papers -- the Courier-Post at Cherry Hill -- promoted its executive editor to both GM and editor.

[Photo: Daily Record]


  1. Maybe The Record will take him back? Nah, the Borg collective is smarter than that. Interesting that the DR joins the C-N, THNT and CP in not having publishers. Maybe NJ Today is not so far off?

  2. No better example of the Peter Principle than that guy.

  3. isn't the better example of the Peter Principle actually Cavone? ... at least they realized that and showed him the door ... excuse me, permitted him to pursue those "other interests" ...

  4. What's the REAL story concering the CP former Publisher?


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