Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GCI No. 12 in paidContent's 50 top digital media

Editors at the digital economy tracker wrote in their story today:

Even during the worst parts of the recession, Gannett’s individual interactive units performed consistently well. And the company has managed to diversify its digital operations beyond selling ads on the websites of its newspapers and TV stations, with operations like rich media provider PointRoll and social media marketing unit Ripple6. Digital, however, has not been totally immune to the deep cost cuts at Gannett over the last few years. In May, Gannett decided to streamline its digital holdings by folding Ripple6 into PointRoll.

Note: Google is No. 1. GCI ranks ahead of No. 13, Zynga, the folks behind FarmVille.

Huh? For some reason, the list only includes 43 companies.

Other newspaper companies: Wall Street Journal publisher News Corp. is No. 8. Cox Enterprises, 14. New York Times Co., 27. Hearst, 28. Advance Publications, 30. Tribune Co., 38. And McClatchy, 41.


  1. Wow! I have to say pretty impressive. The revenue at $1Billion is nothing to sneeze at. Pointroll accounts for $618MM .

    Career Builder also made the list at #19. That revenue was $560Million.
    Had CareerBuilder been included in Gannett, we might have been even higher.

  2. 2:54 Your figures are way too high. Combined Pointroll/ShopLocal revenues for 2010 were $110 million.

  3. We should be glad Craig Moon took the risk on PointRoll and believed in Chris Saridakis to deliver.

  4. Here is the reporting on Gannett digital income.

    Gannett reported $1 billion in digital revenue in 2010, up 10.2 percent from the year before. The company’s digital unit, which includes operations like Pointroll, contributed $618 million of the total, while online ad sales at its newspapers contributed the remainder. We assume that the vast majority of the company’s digital revenue comes from North America.

  5. 2:59p is exactly correct. Craig Moon and Doug McCorkingdale, along with Dan Ehrman were the champions for PointRoll, while Jack Williams and others voted it down.

    We can thank Saridakis for building it and selling it to Gannett as well. The bottom line numbers of Pointroll have saved our asses every week and every quarter!

  6. I can't make heads or tails out of these figures. Let's say we have had Ford ads that run in papers for years, then Ford and Gannett agrees to a change to an active ad offered by PointRoll. This costs Ford a little more, but adds some functions. So is the whole cost of the Ford ad given to digital, (as some on this blog have suggested is a Dickey directive), or is just the incremental increase for the added services. I think Jim's figures are the best because they seem drawn from the reports to the SEC, not estimates given reporters by company officials.

  7. If GCI is doing so well with digital, then how come Gracia is telling analysts that revenue will be down this quarter more than 6 percent?

  8. Dickey is cooking the books. They have figured out how to show digital growing by pretending that certain print ads are actually part of a digital IO!

    George Gavanan should investigate this!! Look at Mike Coleman and the rest of the regional digital people. Not legit at all!

  9. It is beyond ridiculous to believe Gannett is more successful in the digital channel than Amazon, GroupOn and MLB, or within earshot of Facebook's revenue. Classic pandering from PaidContent.

  10. Really. Groupon could have sold out to Google for at least$6 billion. At least twice Gannet's market value.


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