Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cherry Hill | And now, from 'Poopgate' Central . . .

"The decision wasn't difficult."

-- Courier-Post opinion page editor Mike Daniels, gamely defending the Cherry Hill, N.J., paper's decision to add to its editorial board a powerful Democratic party fundraiser and leader. "Astonishing," blogger Tom Crone said.

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  1. So a Democratic Party big shot is placed on a Gannett newspaper's editorial board. Lordy. But the same piece tells us a member of the advertising sales department is, and has been on the paper's edit board. Might as well put the local car dealer who advertises the most in the daily news budget meetings, just to keep the news folks honest. Think it can't happen? The then-editor in Boise wouldn't run a story on a corporation there until it was cleared by the corporation's managers. That shabby act got her promoted to Des Moines and then to Cincinnati. Our industry is collapsing and some in leadership wonder why. Recent events at the Courier-Post are just the latest reasons.

  2. The editorial board at my site wanted to have the female head of advertising join the board, so it would look less like the male-dominated board it now is. Thankfully, the city editor's thoughtful argument against it nixed the idea.

  3. Jim, Jim, Jim....

    You can't run a story about Cherry Hill without dredging up poopgate. That is so totally yesterday and the alleged perps have long ago moved out.

    Sensationalism at its worst.

    George Norcross and his influence is the issue here.


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