Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Salisbury | Most self-serving story of the week

USA Weekend started the annual volunteer event Make A Difference Day 21 years ago, and if it's had any lasting impact in Salisbury, Md., there are by now dozens of employee groups planning to participate this year on Oct. 26.

So, which of those many employers did The Daily Times spotlight in a story this morning? Why, the Times itself, of course, with a nod to Gannett and the Gannett Foundation, too. The only thing that could have made the 363-word story more blatantly self-serving would be if it included a quote from General Manager Thomas Claybaugh.

Sadder still, this is only the second year the Times has bothered to field a group of volunteers.

But there's a silver lining for other area employers. Now, all year long, when other employee groups volunteer in Salisbury, they can ring up the Times and get the same news coverage, right?

Earlier: CEO Gracia Martore visits nameless orphans in Washington.

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  1. The Clarion-Ledger does this, too, writes about itself. Haven't seen a story yet this year but I'm sure one will be written soon about what a great thing The C-L does for the city of Jackson.

  2. "...Salisbury | Most self-serving story of the week " Really, it's correct info. Thanks... DHL, Send DHL


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