Tuesday, September 10, 2013

USAT | Syria's chemical attack, or a sports story?

"It was a sinister plan superbly executed under major duress with the cunning of criminal masterminds."

-- correspondent Nate Ryan, writing in this morning's USA Today.

Earlier: Publisher Kramer pushes "more pronounced voices."


  1. Who reads USA Today any more? I'd sure like to see what advertising uses for their reander analysis and demos.

    1. USA TODAY has over 3 million readers each day according to the industry's most used and respected research companies like MRI and MMR.

    2. Wow! At .9557% of the total U.S. population (2012 Census stats), USAT really is - The Nation's Newsletter. Congratulations!

    3. Don't worry, 4:56. I'm sure your strong belief that no one reads the paper will trump those actual numbers.

  2. This kid single handly destroys the rep of the Sports department. Is no one checking the reader comments on his stories.


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