Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pensacola | Building said sold for apartments

Gannett has sold the Pensacola News Journal's downtown building, according to local blogger Rick Outzen, who adds in a post today: "No word where the staff will be relocated, but we’ve heard the buyer is interested in building apartments."

Any deal for the Florida Panhandle property that would culminate in apartments would follow a similar development at The Indianapolis Star, which recently said it's close to selling its downtown building. Across GCI, Corporate is selling excess real estate as it shrinks operations.

Pensacola's weekday circulation is about 35,000, and Sunday is 52,000, according to the March 31 AAM report. (Circulation database lookup.)


  1. How much did we git?

  2. Did we git er dun?

  3. Shreveport Publisher looking at cost-versus-benefit of selling the downtown building an leasing.

  4. smart idea

  5. Hopefully, they'll get to relocate somewhere with a window or two. The current building is abysmal. (Though folks around here know to take Outzen's word with a shaker of salt.)


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