Wednesday, January 02, 2013

DealChicken | Concealed handgun classes just $39

That's less than half the $100 regular price, according to Desert Valley Firearms of Chandler, Ariz., near Phoenix.

The deal notes: "Students must bring a revolver or pistol, 50 rounds of ammunition and two or more magazines or speed loaders if they own their own; rentals available for an additional fee."

The offer after a man killed 20 young school children and six adults on Dec. 14 in Newtown, Conn. Adam Lanza, 20, carried two handguns and a rifle at Sandy Hook Elementary.


  1. So what.
    Deal Chicken also has offers for restaurants that sell beer which can make you drunk and also kill someone.
    Do we ban those too?

  2. Everyone that buys one will have their name read aloud on KPNX and printed in the Arizona republic. I'm just sayin'

  3. Too many critics focusing on Gun Control as the main issue from SHES incident, should be focusing on Nut Control.

  4. Maybe Westchester's chicken should offer this deal. ...

  5. really, you felt the need to post this? do you also know that calbella's runs these type of guns in their inserts- should you post that as well?

    Not sure about traffic to your site but I spend so much less time even looking at this site for the reasons such as this post.

    What makes this newsworthy in regards to Gannett? As long as items are legal, why would it be questioned? To show the big bad mean Gannett is heartless? Show that in other ways, this just looks so petty.

  6. Slow day at the office eh Jim?

    1. His brain is slow.

  7. At least its something different. Usually its restaurant/spa/earrings, repeat.


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