Wednesday, December 19, 2012

USAT | 'Ghost factories' series wins duPont award

USA Today has won a prestigious Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award for its "outstanding" investigative multimedia report "Ghost Factories," the university said today.

The interactive report uncovered hundreds of forgotten lead factories across the country and the health hazards they left behind, the university's journalism school said in revealing the 14 winners of the 2013 awards.

Ghost Factories was a 14 months-long team effort that included reporters Alison Young and Peter Eisler.

This is USAT's first duPont award. It honors excellence in broadcast and digital journalism, and was established in 1942 by Jessie Ball duPont in memory of her husband, Alfred I. duPont.

Columbia University also administers journalism's highest honor, the Pulitzer Prize. Today's award certainly doesn't hurt the paper's chances when the Pulitzers are awarded next spring. USAT has not received a Pulitzer in its 30-year history.

Ghost Factories has previously been honored with a top reporting award from the Associated Press Media Editors association, and with a Barlett & Steele Award.


  1. Despite all the stupid shot that goes on at Usa Today, this is fantastic. Solid work on breaking news stories lately, too. Can things finally be turning?

  2. Even a broken VCR is right . . . oh, wait. Those are almost extinct, too.


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