Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New documents: Dickey, other execs sell more GCI

In a series of regulatory notices this afternoon, three of Gannett's most senior executives disclosed they had sold more of their GCI stock holdings:
As I've reported earlier after recents other stock sales by Dickey and CEO Gracia Martore, the wealthiest Americans are facing likely increases in capital gains taxes starting as early as Jan. 1 with the fiscal cliff negotiations.

These trades also could indicate the top brass thinks GCI isn't likely to rise much higher in the near future.

GCI's stock closed today at $18.68, up fractionally. They hit a 52-week high of $19.99 in late September.

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  1. I think they just wanted to cash in some profit before the end of the year. Same as George Lucas.

    Here's a teaser . . . which is worth more: Gannett, or George Lucas after the Lucasfilm sale to Disney?


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