Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I've just received the Gannett Foundation's annual IRS tax report for 2011, and it's kind of interesting

Here's a list of $285,000 in foundation donations that current and former top executives directed to their favorite charities during 2011, the most recent year available. I received a copy of the IRS report yesterday following a request to Gannett's charitable arm under federal open-records laws.

In a separate post in the next day or so, I'll add a few more details.

Related: This spreadsheet shows all the executive-driven donations in 2010. And here's the list from 2009.


  1. Shameful that so much money is going to several elitist, well endowed colleges that dont need the money. What a fucking waste. And i see opera is in need, too.

  2. Jim:

    What's the second tab that references the $250,000 for charities in Hawaii?

  3. This gifting appears to be ego driven. I'm sure the trust fund babies wearing barrels at Wellesley are appreciative.

  4. 1 p.m. I haven't written specifically about those yet. But to answer your question:

    The foundation gave $250,000 to those Hawaii charities in 2011 when, the previous year, I don't think it made any there. Those non-profits are all in Honolulu, by the way.

    I suspect these were made in connection with the company exiting Hawaii when it sold The Honolulu Advertiser in 2010. A guess: These were farewell gifts, a recognition that the company would no longer be supporting charities in the city.

    This is not unlike the foundation's continued support -- albeit declining -- of the Rochester Community Foundation. As most old timers know, Gannett was headquartered in Rochester during most of its history, until the move in 1986 to the D.C. area.

  5. The only way these characters give anything is for something in return. And it's usually to pay off a debt from a previous part of their lives. They wouldn't know charity if it hit them in the ass.

  6. To be clear, this is just Gannett Corporate donations, not the dollars donated locally from each Gannett Publisher via the Gannett Foundation Grant program.

  7. 4:50 In total, the Gannett Foundation donated $5,376,104 in gifts and grants to U.S. and U.K. non-profits and for college scholarships during 2011, according to the tax report.

    That included $1.3 million in grants matching employee gifts to non-profits, dollar-for-dollar up to a maximum of $10,000 per employee per year. That's under the GannettMatch program.

  8. I've used the gannettmatch program to match my gifts to 2 colleges, 3 health category and 2 others this year. I think it's a great program and nice that the company does this and offers employees the ability to have their contributions matched.

  9. Craig Dubrow shouldn't be allowed to direct a set of Hot Wheels. If he wants to thank the Hospital of Special Surgery for fixing the spine of a spineless person, he should pay out of the $31 million he got form Gannett. SHAME!


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