Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fort Collins | Reporter charged with burglary

The Coloradoan's Jeffrey Scott Bersch, 37, was arrested Sunday after police said he “was so intoxicated he didn’t remember anything he had done,” according to his arrest affidavit -- including, apparently, entering a Fort Collins home and picking up a pair of kids’ shoes.

On July 4, the paper said today, Bersch was charged with drunken driving and driving on the wrong side of a divided highway. He took a plea deal, admitting guilt to driving while ability impaired.

Bersch is no longer employed by the Coloradoan as of yesterday, according to the paper.


  1. He would have gotten away Scott-free, but upon waking the next morning he sees the unidentified items and places an ad on Craigslist:

    For Sale. Child's Shoes. Lightly Worn.

    Aren't (good) journalists supposed to be boozers?

  2. Yeah, and one night earlier, a Facebook post from another Fort Collins employee: "Great night with my Coloradoan family!!!!! And it's just getting started" with a photo of a $500 tab apparently from the Rio Grande, a place noted not for the food but for very potent margs, with a comment from a high ranking manager about making sure the P-card finds its way home, and a smiley face emoticon by the publisher. And yet another post on the same page later that night/morning at the Drunken Monkey bar. And now this?

  3. "This is how we do it!"

  4. The guy had it all wrong. If you steal the futures of hard-working people, you get a multimillion-dollar golden parachute.

  5. So we don't even wait for a trial? Not even a suspension? wow, the litigators must be lining up!

  6. Oh please. It was his second major offense in less than six months and he admitted he was soooo drunk he couldn't remember a thing. This is who you want representing you in public? Climb down from your high horses. When a publisher was picked up for DUI you all howled for his blood abd it was his first ever offense.


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