Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stock | Gannett soars to a post-recession high

Gannett stock's long road to recovery has hit another milestone -- right as management prepares for this afternoon's presentation to Wall Street media analysts.

Shares recently hit an intraday high of $19.09, up more than 4% from yesterday. That is 24 cents above the last high set in GCI's long slog back from an historic trading low of $1.85, on March 10, 2009, at the depths of the Great Recession.

At the close, shares finished at $18.74, up 45 cents, or 2.5%.

A possible driver in today's trading: better-than-expected paywall results. We may learn more at this afternoon's conference, which is set for 3:45 ET.

I'm drawing these stock figures from Google Finance and Corporate's investors page. The last GCI high, $18.85, was set April 26, 2010.

Of course, Gannett isn't the only newspaper publisher on a tear. Shares of New York Times Co. are jumping, too.


  1. Up today may be in part by article from the Motley Fool. Stock is being driven up by analysis and same media that was trashing Newspaper Companies all the way down to the lows back in 2009.

  2. Can I here a Hell YEAH!!!


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